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Forins 2016
The   consortium   is   consolidating   the   results   reached   so   far   by   pursuing   the   objectives   of   the   initial project:      students’   mobility   internships   will   be   fulfilled   ,   staff   mobility   internships   will   be   implemented,     the    results    will    be    capitalized,        students’    and    teachers’    language    skills    will    improve,    international cooperation    will    be    strengthened    and        widened,    dissemination    of    the    results    will    be    addressed    to reinforcing   and   increasing   the   cooperation   with   local   partners.      All   these   actions   are   based   on   the awareness   of   the   importance   of   pursuing   the   value   of   multiculturalism,   of   belonging   to   Europe,   of responsible   participation.    The   five-week   95   mobility   projects   for   learners   will   take   place   in   summer 2018,   as   scheduled   in   the   project,      Poland,   the   Check   Republic,   Estonia   will   be   confirmed   as   destination countries   as   the   job   internships   offered   have   a   great   high-   tech   value.   The   UK,   Germany,   Spain   and France   will   also   be   confirmed,   as   they   offer      some   excellent   job   internships   in   companies   providing     indirect   services   to   businesses.   Although   the   students   who   study   French   are   not   so   many,   France   will   be confirmed   as   a   destination      country   in   order   to   cherish   the   interest   in   the   country   shown   by   the   students in      the   last   two   years.   Some   of      the   6   two-week   scholarships   for   the   staff   will   be   done   in   2017,   to   continue the   positive   experience   of      the   first   year.   Thanks   to   the   experience   done   by   the   staff   in   September   2016, an   interschool      CLIL   Team   has   been   created   at   ITCG   Pasini.   The   leading   school,   Pasini,   has   created   a CLIL   project   that   includes   the   other   schools   of   the   consortium   and   a   local   Liceo   Scientifico   (a   High   School   for   Science   and   Maths). The   project   was   one   of   the   two   winners   (D.D.   Miur   1433-22/12/16-Azione   A2)   in   a   competition   promoted   by   the   Italian   Ministry   for Education   and   Research   (MIUR   d.m.663/2016-art.29).   It   aims   at   creating   innovative   E-CLIL   learning   laboratories   with   the   use   of   ICT. This   very   important   result   has   a   great   impact   on   the   whole   mobility   project   and   it   encourages   the   schools   to   promote   the   mobility   of the   staff   and   to   foster   the   activities   of   language   training   for   teachers   (with   an   increase   of   +   20%   of   language   certifications   next   year). The   language   certifications   (B1-B2-C1)   of   the   students   will   increase   too   (+   13%),   this   result   will   be   reached   thanks   to   promotion inside   the   schools,   an   increase   of   the   number   of   language   courses,   school   grants      for   the   certification   exams   (whose   total   amount   has been   so   far      paid   for   by   the   students’   families),   the   participation   to   the   call   of   the   Regione   Veneto   MOVE   4.0   POR-FSE   for   language studies   abroad   which      aims   at   making   the   students   get   the   language   certification.   In   order   to   reinforce   and   improve   language   skills,   the schools   will   promote   activities   with   mother   tongue   teachers   (115   hours),   one   language   assistant   of   the   project   EduChange   will   be involved,   language   study   holidays   during   the   summer   and   school   trips   abroad   will   be   organized,   the   project   Smarter   English   will   be implemented   (a   week   of   full   immersion   in   the   English   language   with   activities   held   by   mother   tongue   teachers   for   about   150   students). The   internationalization   strategy      will   be   pursued   with   activities   organized   with   local   and   foreign   partners,   through   actions   taken   by each   school:      Exchange   Program   with   two   German   High   Professional   Schools   (Marzotto   e   De   Pretto   with   about   25   incoming   students and   25   outcoming   students);   short   training   periods   for   10   Polish   students   (at   Marzotto   and   Chilesotti)      Erasmus+   VET   coming   from the   foreign   partner   who   is   a   host   partner   in   this   project   too;   in   case   the   projects,   submitted   in   the   different   countries,   will   be   approved some   mechatronics   students   coming   from   (BG   and   CZ   )   will   do   a   short   period   of   training   at   De   Pretto,   and   others      of      a   textile   course from   Brno-CZ   will   do   the   same   at   Marzotto.   The   activities   to   promote   Intercultura   will   continue;   three   students   have   already   left   for the   USA   where   they   will   be   staying   for   a   year,   however   no   prevision   of   this   type   of   mobility   is   possible.   The   schools   in   Schio   will continue   to   take   part   in   the   activities   for   the   Exchange   Program   promoted   by   the   Municipality   of   Schio   with   Landshut,   German   partner of   the   consortium.   Other   activities   in   English   will   be   organized   with   local   partners:   conferences   on   international   topics   (“Industry 4.0”   and   “Sharing   Economy”)   held   in   English   by   Federmanager,         addressed   to   students   of   the   fourth   and   fifth   year,   a   whole   day   to promote   work-training   during   the   school   period   (ASL)      will   be   addressed   to   students   of   the   third   year,   during   this   day   all   the   activities will   be   in   English.   The   event   to   promote   European   projects   and   let   people   know   about   them   and   the   results      achieved,   is   being organized.   Moreover,      in   order   to   promote   a   greater   awareness   of   Europe,      28   students   will   take   part   in   the   annual   competition   called EuroMaster Workshop promoted by The Center for European Relationships (CREUS) and the Municipality of Schio.